Associating to an Access Point – Part 2 (wireless captures)

The below wireless captures depict the packet handshake that ensues and is described in the article <Associating to an Access Point>. The example chosen below is for an open system – no security profile

  • Station sends a Probe request

  • Access Point responds by sending a probe response

  • The WLAN Station device sends an 802.11 Authentication frame – with authentication algorithm set to “Open System”

  • The Access Point responds with an 802.11 authentication frame with status success

  • The WLAN Station device sends an association request frame to the Access Point

  • The Access Point responds by sending an association response

Since the Connection is an Open system – no security profile, once Association is completed data traffic can ensue between the Access Point and the WLAN Station device.

Note: In WEP – Open system authentication. Data packets will still be encrypted via a WEP Key which both the Access Point and Station know a-priori. This will be discussed in 802.11 security and authentication mechanisms

Wireless LAN Authentication and Data Security


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